Traineeships that have already started

The decision whether to continue or abort your internship is basically up to you (or your host institution). We hope the following information will help you to make the right decision and keep your worries to a minimum. If you decide to break off or to cancel your traineeship because of the Corona virus there shall be no financial disadvantages for you.

Force Majeure

The EU has officially declared Force Majeure for all Erasmus funded traineeships that due to the Corona crisis had to be cancelled, interrupted or ended. This means that we do not have to apply all the rules which are normally applicable (e.g. minimum traineeship duration of 2 months). 

Basic procedure

You will always receive the Erasmus grant for the number of traineeship days you fulfilled. Moreover, we can accept higher amounts (up to the maximum amount of the originally agreed Erasmus grant) if you provide proof of the costs that you had (boarding card for your flight, accommodation contract etc.). This makes sence especially for traineeships that have not started yet (but you already booked a flight, e.g.) or that had to be stopped after a very short period of time.
You can only receive these payments if the grant agreement between you and us has been completed. If the required documents are still incomplete please submit them as soon as possible.

!The maximum amount you may receive is the Erasmus grant amount agreed upon in your grant agreement!

What do I have to do now?

If you have interrupted or cancelled your traineeship:

1) Please inform us via email.

  • When did you break off your traineeship?
  • Why did you terminate it? (the answer „Corona“ would be sufficient but we are also interested in your specific reasons)
  • Are you planning to continue the traineeship as soon as the circumstances change/allow it?
  • Are you working at home (home office) and are you continuing your traineeship? Are you doing this in the target country or in Germany?

Please note: Even if you are working from home (in Germany or in the traineeship country) you are eligible to receive your Erasmus grant, provided that the learning outcomes that have been agreed upon in the Learning Agreement are still in focus. In this case, your receiving institution should confirm the whole traineeship duration at the end and your university should recognize the traineeship as intended.

2) Please ask your receiving institution – if possibe – for a confirmation of the traineeship duration you have already completed. If you continue your traineeship home-based this is not necessary respectively we only need the confirmation at the end of your traineeship.

3) Keep and collect all documents which you need to prove the costs that have already occured.

4) Please wait until we contact you and inform you about the specific documents we need.

5) Please inform us if anything changes in the meantime and if you decide to end your traineeship finally or if you decide to continue it again.

Academic Recognition of your traineeship

Your home university will decide on the recognition of your traineeship (e.g. CPs). If you have questions on that, please contact your Examination Office. There are no lectures at the universities in Saxony-Anhalt at the moment but the university staff should be available via email and/or telephone (in case of home office calling back may also be an option).

Return or continue the traineeship ?

It is you who decides. Please keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Do I expect to be able to continue my traineeship?
  • Are my living conditions (accommodation) as well as my social integration good enough so that a quarantine of two weeks at the traineeship place would be okay for me?
  • Do I have confidence in the local health system, just in case?
  • What is the advice of my host institution?
  • Is a return to Germany (and through transit countries) still possible?

 !Please inform us via email if you break off, interrupt or cancel your traineeship!


If you decide to return earlier it may not be easy to find a transport. Many flights have been cancelled. Many borders have been closed which often also stopped train services. Even if you are not German, but have a residence permit for Germany, you should be able to re-enter Germany. This is the respective information one of our students got from the Ausländerbehörde:

"I informed the Auslanderbehorde and they said since I was in Germany in January for a short duration, my six months of being abroad ends in June and they hope that I return by June, but if not then they said they will email me a re-entry certificate, so there's nothing to worry about there."

The consequence may be a quarantine of two weeks (if you come from a risk area).
If you do not find a transport to return to Germany, please contact the German Embassy or the nearest consulate. They might help you to organise your return. 

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you register in the electronic database „Elefand“ provided by the German Foreign Office. This is possible also for foreigners with residence status in Germany.

Please keep in mind, that once you left your traineeship country, it might not be possible to return if you want to continue there again, since many borders are closed.

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